Streaming on NTS Radio, Radio Città del Capo, Radio Città Fujiko

Listen to Razgraad’s Streaming & Mix on NTS Radio, Pangea 074 (Radio Città del Capo), Area Contaminata (Radio Città del Capo), 451FrammentiSonori (Radio Città Fujiko).

▏ ▎ ▍ 29/08/2017 – Razgraad streaming on Zuli | PRESENTE mixtape (NTS Radio)

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Tracklist excerpt [streaming mix selected by PRESENTE for ZULI on NTS RADIO]: MSYLMA x ZULI – Untitled, ZULI – Tongue Chomper; JAY GLASS DUBS – Bite Dub (unreleased);  ZULI – CommProto;  111X feat. PETIT SINGE – PT 2; RAZGRAAD – Before It Disappear (unreleased);  GEODETIC – I; SIMO CELL – Crystal; OBJEKT – Porcupine; PESSIMIST – Peter Hitchens; PRESENTE – Edward Joseph Snowden (unreleased); CATERINA BARBIERI – Scratches On The Readable Surface and more…

▏ ▎ ▍ 27/06/2017 – Razgraad streaming on Dig! (Yastaradio)

Tracklist excerpt [streaming mix selected by Diego Innaro for Dig! on Yastaradio]: MUDWISE – Tabrata, JAY GLASS DUB – Sieben Dub, HIELE – Mode d’Hiele, PETIT SINGE – Challenge, MEANWHILE.IN.TEXAS – Antenna, DEATH IN JUNE, Blood Of Winter, BASSES TERRES – Sonar System, RAZGRAAD – NeuTanz and more…

▏ ▎ ▍ 23/03/2017 – Razgraad streaming on Pangea 074 ‘The New Noise’ (Radio Città del Capo)

Tracklist and info here
Tracklist excerpt [streaming mix selected on PANGEA 074  on Radio Città del Capo]: KILLING SOUND, Six Harmonies, Killing Sound (Blackest Ever Black); SLEAFORD MODS, Army Nights, English Tapas (Rough Trade); PHARMAKON, Transmission, Contact (Sacred Bones); DONATO EPIRO, Rubisco, Rubisco (Loopy); RAZGRAAD, Onyeocha, The Water Towers (Yerevan Tapes); SIGHA, Porcelain, Metabolism (Token); NATHAN FAKE, SmallCityLights, Providence (Ninja Tune); THUNDERCAT, Show You The Way, Drunk (Brainfeeder); MUMDANCE & LOGOS, Café Del Mar, Weightless Vol. 2 (Different Circles) and more…

▏ ▎ ▍ 23/01/2017 – Razgraad streaming on Area Contaminata (Radio Città del Capo)

Tracklist and info here
Tracklist excerpt [streaming mix selected on Area Contaminata Tape55min_Vol1  on Radio Città del Capo]:  CAN – Sing Swan Song (Spoon); FRIEDMAN & LIEBZEIT – “131-7” (Nonplace); RAZGRAAD – “NeuTanz” (Yerevan Tapes),  DEMDIKESTARE – “Circulation” (DDS), NURSE WITH WOUND – “Sea Armchair” (Rotorelief); RYUICHI SAKAMOTO – “The Seed And The Sower” (Milan), CARLA DAL FORNO – “You Know What It’s Like” (Blackest Ever Black) / VIVIEN GOLDMAN – “P.A. Dub” (Staubgold); MIKE PARKER & DONATO DOZZY – “Stegosauria” (Spazio Disponibile) and more…

▏ ▎ ▍ 18/11/2015 – Razgraad streaming on 451FrammentiSonori (Radio Città Fujiko)

Tracklist excerpt [streaming mix selected on 451FrammentiSonori – Detriti Elettronici on Radio Città Fujiko]: CARTER TUTTI VOID from f (x), NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS from Viral Shedding, RAZGRAAD da The Water Towers [From Bear To Wolf], KING MIDAS SOUND & FENNESZ da Edition 1, THE BUG da Angels & Devils, WOLF EYES & HUNTING LODGE da Destroy Compound, HUNTING LODGE da Harrington Ballroom and more…

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